I strongly believe that life is full of adventures, exciting, sometimes scary, but first of all, interesting.  I draw energy from such emotions.  Photography is a process for visuallzing emotions. So much beauty to see and capture! Alternatively, if something is not beautiful, it better be weird enough to make for an interesting shot.

I am a hunter, hunting for the best shots I can muster.  -- My background is in engineering.  Therefore,  I believe that I am strong in most of the technical aspects of photography.  However, I am still learning (but quickly!) of all the artsy dimensions of photography.  The former are a necessity, while the latter are the essence for my personal growth and, ultimately, satisfaction and continued love and passion for photography.

Because I am driven by a keen eye for everything beautiful or interesting, I shoot a variety of things, reaching from landscapes to implied or artsy nudes.  For me, traveling is essential for seeing and capturing new impressions.  

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